Sunday, December 7, 2008


So, it has been about a week or so since Claire's hair has begun to lay flat (well, sort of flat), which has been sad for both Mike and I. We actually kind of miss the mohawk. I have actually caught Mike combing her hair into a mohawk when he gets her ready in the morning. In honor of the retirement of the mohawk I thought I would post her last mohawk photo. After looking at her hair, mike and I decided that she resembled Sonic the Hedgehog, what do you think?

Mike's new favorite activity is to dress Claire while I am in the shower. He likes to "spice" things up. Note the mismatched socks and summer outfit.

In our attempts today to get ready for our Christmas trip, we went through Claire's closet and tried to figure out what clothes fit and which she has outgrown. We found this hat that my Mom got Claire. She looked like she was ready to go on safari. My favorite part was that it accentuate her chubby cheeks!

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Kate said...

This girls' hair is amazing! Can't wait to meet her in a month. Merry Christmas you three!