Saturday, February 7, 2009

Last But not Least... Two of our new favorite activites

1. Sleep on our stomach. Now I know that it is kosher to put your child on their back to sleep, but what do you do when they roll into this position on their own every time you put them on their back. My vote, leave her.

2. Play on the computer. Now, this is not necessarily a new favorite activity, but it is new and improved for Claire. Ususally Claire has been limited to only a few seconds of keyboard activity, seeing as it messes everything up that I am trying to do, but now that we got Claire her very own keyboard to play with (for only $1.00 compliments of the USU surplus store). She can type away and we are both happy. (Can't you see the happy face of a content child? Worth every penny of that dollar!)

Story of a sick baby

Wipe snotty nose...

Play with book...

Wipe snotty nose on book.
(Now, Emily, she absolutely loves this book, she only snotted her very favorite toys!)

So, Claire turned 6 months old a few days ago, thus she had her 6 month check up at the doctor. She had to get the usual immunizations, but in addition, they gave her the flu shot. Now, I was all for this, seeing as I did not want a sick baby, but I think that I was deceived. A couple of days after she got the flu shot, she got sick, correlation? I think so.


If Logan is one thing, it is COLD! However, Claire doesn't seem to mind much.


I typically do not have Claire in the kitchen with me when I start the laundry, but maybe I should have all along. What do you think, a good babysitter?

On the Move...

(This is how we found Claire after her nap about a month ago)
Claire is on the move now. As mentioned in a much earlier post, we tore apart Claire's room. Thus, she had her mattress on the floor, which was fine and dandy, until she started rolling/crawling. Needless to say, she now has her crib set up in our very crowded room. (Side note: as we speak Michael is priming the walls in Claire's room. Our goal to finish Claire's room this by this weekend is starting to materialize!!!)

They Joys of Budgeting

With Mike being in school and me at home with Claire, we have first hand been learning the joys of budgeting. Thus here is our new meal chart, designed by Michael. It is awesome, except when Mike decides he wants something else after I have gone to the grocery store and spent the weekly food budget. (This is mostly so that my mom can see the new chart).