Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Noble Lee is getting so big!

Noble loves to be in the front pack, especially with daddy.

He loves to grab at and pull toys down,

Roll over from front to back and back to front,

And loves to watch everything that is going on while on Tummy Time.


Claire LOVES her new sunglasses. Thanks to Grandma Jane Claire has been outfitted with some sweet shades. She thinks that any time I am wearing my glasses she must also wear hers. My favorite was when sh ran into the door because she HAD to wear her sunglasses right before bed.

She is also loving her popcorn while watching "Memo" (Nemo).

Friday, March 5, 2010

For Grandma

Grandma JoJoJo as Claire would say, sent Claire a package a few weeks ago, as requested, here is the video of her opening it.

This is just a bonus of Noble "talking".


We have been having fun around our house lately. With the cold weather we have had to stay inside most of the time. Claire goes a little crazy, so she has been lucky enough to receive a few packages and has taken a liking to picking out her own clothes. I think we are in trouble. She is already VERY opinionated about what she wears!
Here are a couple dresses Claire got in the mail from Aunt Ali. Ali made/designed them. They are some of her favorites!

Here Claire is in her new favorite spot, the closet. She not only picks out her clothes, but Noble's as well.
Here is her best pick from the last couple of weeks. What you cannot see is that she has a blue undershirt and a Batman shirt under her green monkey jacket.
We were able to go down to Saratoga a couple weeks ago and Grandma Jane was nice enough to buy Claire these awesome sunglasses. She wouldn't take them off, as can be seen above. (she is currently asleep with the glasses on in this picture.)
2 more of Claire's favorites are: Sitting watching her "MoMo Show Pea" (Elmo show please) and wearing her Princess dress from Grandma Jane. My favorite part is that she insists on her animals watching too and having her treats available for consumption.

Now, we get to little Noble. I know this post is very Claire heavy, but we don't forget about our sweet little boy. He is constantly smiling and watching everything his big sister is doing. They get along great lately.
He is our big boy. He now wears mostly 9 month clothes! Yes, that is right 9 month and he is barely 4 months. He goes in this week for a check up, but we know he is already 16 lbs! We love having him around. He makes life happy for all of us!