Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CJ is sad tumbling is over, and so am I. Here is a video from the final day.

YouTube Video

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Claire and noble have been asking to make muffins for a few days, finally I got around to doing it today. They handed me a cake mix. So what they really wanted were cupcakes.

I think Noble approved

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Monday, July 11, 2011


(in honor of tomorrow being the last day of tumbling class, I thought I would let you enjoy her most stellar self-chosen tumbling outfit)

Claire said the family prayer tonight by herself. She has been in a phase where she is really scared of things. So we usually say a "no scaries" prayer every night. She asked "please bless that there will be no scaries, that buddy boy will sleep good...that the scaries will not pee on buddy, that we will be healthy and strong..."
I could barely contain myself when she was worried about scaries peeing on buddy. Who knew that was a problem?

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Saturday, July 9, 2011


We finally downloaded the pictures off of our camera for the first time since the move. We came up with some awesome pictures that we had completely forgotten about, and mostly in my case, had no clue existed.
Does this even need an explanation?

This is what we came home to a couple weeks after we moved in. Mike was happy, this resulted in the purchase of a chainsaw.

Mike's one request when we were fixing up the house was the above faucet. He loves the industrial sprayer. The kids thought it was pretty cool. The day after the plumber put it on, they had to take their bath in the sink.

Easter Sunday. Thanks for the cute clothes JoJo! Claire is winking at you!

Claire has a strict No-Bathing policy lately, but she did make an exception when Mike put in the detachable shower head.

Who knew unpacking would be so much fun for a couple of toddlers?

Who doesn't love their quilts?

CJ channeling her inner Pocahontas.

Can you say, Love of my Life? How sweet is he?

Claire helping me with a quilt. She LOVES to help lately.

Our explorers. Thanks for the headlamps Aunt Ali! They are well used and well loved. (Claire shares a striking resemblance to Aunt Emmie in her SLO Beach pictures with those glasses on)

Friday, July 8, 2011


Claire has been really into drawing lately.

When asked what this picture was, Claire said matter of factly, "just nipples with scribbles all over".

I found this a few days ago all over our bench. I wasn't sure which of the kids did it until I noticed the B's carefully practiced on one of the slats.

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First I have to say that Target has the best kids sunglasses in the dollar spot.

CJ showing off her tatoo.

The funniest thing was this was about 8pm and Claire was wandering around the back yard complaining that it was getting SO dark, all the while wearing her sunglasses.
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CJ asleep

Claire does not want to take naps lately. She tries her hardest to resist. This is what I found the other day. She fell asleep eating her fishie crackers

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Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is what a day in Provo making freezer meals will do to you.

I just wished I could join them on the way home.
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