Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update...lots to catch up on!

1. Grandma Jo came to visit for a week! We were so lucky to have my mom come and visit us. Claire absolutely loved having her Grandma here! Grandma also got some great pictures of Claire (see below)

2. My mom got us fabric for curtains for our living room while she was here. We were so happy. We had awful verticle blinds that wouldn't open. Here is the finished product!
3. Saturday Mike and I worked on various projects around the house. My favorite one that we completed was my sewing cabinet. Mike built the bookshelves this summer and we have had them painted for awhile, but we finally put the finishing touches on. One of my favorite things that he did was made me sliding shelves that hold spools of thread and bobbins! It is awesome!!! The best part is that it all closes up so that when Claire becomes mobile she can't get into anything!

Outside when it is all closed up decorated with old pattern envelopes from the 70s.
The inside where all of my sewing/craft supplies now resideThread/Bobbin shelves

4. Claire has been so much fun these past couple of weeks. She smiles constantly and babbles to us. It was funny, there is this older woman in our ward named Chloe, who just loves Claire. She was holding her in Relief Society on Sunday and Claire started talking and talking during the Opening hymn and Chloe just looked at me and said, "Oh, she is singing with me!". Gotta love it!

Claire on her quilt Mike made her with her new favorite toy - Measuring Spoons, go figure!

5. Mike and I had a new successful recipe!! One of our favorite things to get when we go out to eat are the Southwest Eggrolls from Chili's. We decided to try to find the recipe on the internet and make them on Sunday. Our efforts were a great success!!! We loved them and the best part was that they were really easy!


Mike Blakesley said...

Your husband must be a really really really great guy. He actually made that cabinet for you?

Not to mention that your little girl is amazingly attractive.

8149 said...

That cabinet is perfect for my craft room, where did you buy it?