Thursday, May 28, 2009


It has been quite a while since I have last posted, therefore, I have marathon posted to catch up. First, here are a few cute pictures that Aunt Charley took of Claire.

Claire Bear

Mike and I occasionally like to go to Yard Sales. We decided a couple weeks ago to try our luck. All in all, most would say that coming away with a .50 cent stuffed bear is a fairly unproductive hour of time, but after we realized what we had, we know it was well worth our time.

As showcased above, Claire loves her new bear. We fondly call it her "Claire Bear". You can just ask her where Claire Bear is and she will search until she finds it. "She" as Mike insists, is the only thing that calms Claire down when she is irrational. She absolutely loves Claire Bear. By far our best purchase of the year so far!

Bath Time is still a favorite

(Bath Time with Grandma Jane)

She may be in the 20th percentile in weight...

(Check out how big she opens)
But boy does she know how to eat! Claire has been eating a BIG bowl of cereal and a container of baby food about 4-5 times a day lately, with cheerios in between. You would think she would be a bit higher on the charts. She is still trying to get back to her 6 month weight! Every since she started crawling she has lost weight, now we are at least maintaining.

When Daddy Dresses Me...

I look Like a Rockstar!