Wednesday, January 4, 2012


When we were at the Pediatrician before Christmas he asked Claire and Noble what Santa was going to bring them. Claire's response: A sewing machine and a fish. Buddy: a cupcake. Claire did in fact get a sewing machine. Which is a post in and of itself. Santa did not bring a fish. Just after Christmas Papa Frankie and Grandma JoJo came to visit and we now have a new member of the family: Hunt

Hunt (named by Claire, because he hunts) is a blue beta. Claire is in love.

Thanks Papa Frankie and Grandma JoJo!
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Muffins and Aprons

Claire and Noble got some pretty awesome aprons for Christmas thanks to Aunt Katie. They wanted to wear them and make muffins today.

I'm pretty sure Claire got EVERYTHING out of the bowl!

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