Friday, October 9, 2009

Pumpkin Picking

Lately Mike and I have been switching off planning our weekly dates. It was my turn this week. My friend Christina told me about the Paradise Valley Orchards, so seeing as Claire was joining us this week (like most other weeks), I thought it would be fun. It was a very cute place. Any pumpkin, any size is only $2.00.
Claire loved that they gave you a wagon to go get your pumpkins.
Note the apple in her hand
I think what Claire loved the very most was the small apple she found in the wagon. She wouldn't hold still to take the next picture because she wanted to pick all the apples. I think next year we will have to go back and do the U-pick apples.
We decided that we will have to bring Grandma Jane to pick her McIntosh apples next year.

Claire loved walking around with her daddy looking at all the pumpkins.
Note Claire's new hairdo, the pigtails, while posing with her handsome dah-ee (daddy). We decided that her "fountain" aka the top of the head ponytail was no longer working. It was about 3 inches tall and stuck straight up.
We had lots of fun at the pumpkin patch, even though it was a bit cold (note Claire's new winter coat). We will definitely return next year!

When we got back Claire and I decided to warm back up on the couch while doing some light reading.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This past week....

Has been a very eventful one in the life of Claire.

First, she experienced her first Aggie Homecoming. Mike insisted that she needed a game-day shirt, which he then insisted be turned into a dress. Also note the Aggie bull tattoo on her cheek that Mike purchased for her to wear to compliment her new outfit.

Second, Claire loves "helping" daddy use his tools.

Third, Claire got her new toddler bed set up. She thinks its pretty awesome.

Fourth, she has learned to climb up on our chairs, which has presented a few problems for Mike and I.
Exhibit A - She can now access the computer when the chair is left away from the desk. (Now, this is what I discovered after leaving the room for approx. 30 seconds)

Exhibit B - She gets stuck under the desk when the chair is pushed in.

Fifth, She has a new love of buckets. She carries them around, filling them with various items, only to discard those items in random places when more desirable items are discovered. Occasionally she likes to sit in the bucket.

Sixth, she discovered oven mitts. She did so during dinner and insisted on finishing her dinner with her arm in the above position.

Finally, Claire learned that Logan is COLD. This week our weather went from 80s to 50s in one day.