Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Milk Belly"

Well, Claire now officially has a "Milk Belly" as Mike likes to say. When she sits her belly hangs over her pants a little. It is funny, we're getting a chubby little girl.
Claire also has a new favorite activity to pass the time. She pulls anything that makes its way into her hand, into her mouth and begins to suck. She also likes to suck on her fist. It's funny to watch her. This morning when we took Mike to school she was trying desperately to reach her blanket with her mouth so she could suck on it. Too bad she was strapped in so tight!

I mostly just liked this picture, it doesn't relate to anything

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sneak Preview

So, as mentioned in a previous post we are gutting Claire's room. Mike and Judd worked on it this weekend. Here is just a little peak at their work. Hopefully you will be impressed by the transformation, if/when we ever finish.

Tummy Time

Claire has been getting a lot better at tummy time.She used to scream after about 10 seconds but now she can stay for awhile. When I mentioned Tummy Time to Mike he thought that was the coolest name. He asked me if I made it up. I should have let him think that I did, he would have remained impressed with me.


This weekend was Mike's Birthday. We had lots of fun! We had uncle Judd come to visit. He and Mike drywalled Claire's room. They worked really hard all day. Meanwhile I attempted to make Eclairs for Mike's birthday treat (and failed miserably a few times). We ended up with 9 edible eclairs after all day in the kitchen. (Notice I am not posting a picture of the Eclairs, they were not impressive, to say the least).

Judd came for the weekend, so, being that Grandma Jane and Papa Jimbo are in NY with Amber, we had the pleasure of Abby and Tanzy coming to stay as well. As you can see below, Tanzy really likes Claire. She took lots of naps with her, however, she may like her a bit too much! Claire was sitting in her bouncy chair on the floor, when she spit up. Now this is no rare occasion, so I turned to get a burp cloth to wipe off her face when I see Tanzy run across the room and in one swoop lick all the spitup off Claire's face! ( I only wish I had a picture or video or something)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Development!

This one is my favorite. She is so fun when she smiles.

Claire has been so full of smiles the past few days. I just love it! She also and another breakthrough last night. SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT!!! She finally fell asleep at about 10:30pm and then when I woke up at about 7:45am she was just waking up. I couldn't believe it!!! I am finally going to feel rested, or as close to rested as I have been in a LONG time.

If you look close Claire has some drool on her chin, it reminds me of what I have heard about her Uncle Judd when he was a baby, bib and all.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What do you think?

Does Claire look kind of like a troll?
Mike and I think that Claire's hair makes her look like "those ugly troll dolls". Mike told me that by saying that I called Claire ugly. I am stating for the record that I do not think that Claire is ugly. The resemblance is in the hair, not the facial features.


We finally caught one of Claire's smiles on film! I am so happy that she is finally smiling. Now, I'm sure that every mother gets excited when their baby starts smiling, but I was especially excited. I will explain why my joy was greater than most. It all started a few weeks ago when Claire had not yet started smiling. It seemed as though everyone was asking me if she had begun to smile, and my answer remained a disappointed "No". So then one night when Mike came home I asked, "Why do you think that Claire hasn't started to smile yet?". In a very matter-of-fact tone his response was "Well, maybe she isn't happy." I think that my mouth dropped at the same moment Mike realized that he needed to stick that answer in his file of things to never say to your wife. So, as you can imagine, after I received that response to my question I was elated when Claire finally started to smile!

This is Mike's attempt to make Claire Smile... I don't think she enjoyed it much.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 Months Already

Claire in her Thrift Store outfit from Aunt Allison

I can't believe that Claire is already 2 months old. She had her 2 month check-up today. She weighed in at 11 pounds 12 ounces and measured 23 inches. She is doing great! She is getting so big, I just can't believe it. Here are a few recent pictures of her.

Sleeping Claire with her Crazy hair that is no longer very crazy

Sleeping with Papa Jimbo, watching sports, no doubt

Why a Blog?

Claire at 2 weeks

Well, I never really thought that I would start a blog, but once you have a child all people want are pictures from you of your new offspring. A few weeks ago I showed Mike my cell phone and all of the incoming texts said "Picture Please" or something to that effect. They were all texts from various family members wanting their daily picture of Claire. So, here it is. This blog will be the source of Claire pictures for all who want to see.

Claire at 2 months