Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas and such...

1. Claire is growing up. Here she is all dolled up for family pictures with my family. She was loving having everyone trying to make her smile.
2. Claire's first Christmas was spent in California with my family. She got a bit spoiled with her Aunt Ali getting her 17 outfits from various thrift stores.

3. Claire being held by my cousin Cameron. He really liked Claire. My mom overheard him telling Claire that she might be on the bad list, but that he thinks that she was probably on the good list.

4. Mike crocheted this beanie for Claire. She loves wearing it, which is a feat because most hats only last about 5 minutes.

5. One of my new favorites of Claire's toys. Her walker. Contrary to what this picture may have you believe, Claire absolutely loves this thing. She entertains herself for long periods of time. And no, she can't even touch the floor yet.
6. My mom and sisters had fun dressing Claire up in various outfits.
6. Claire was the recipient of the Christmas bows from opening gifts.

7. Claire has a new favorite toy. The keyboard. Watch out if you get her near one! Can't you just see her eying it?
8. Last but not least, Claire enjoyed being with her aunts! Here she is after Aunt Emily and Aunt Charley put her hair in a ponytail.

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Mike Blakesley said...

We need to be sure and teach Claire to cross her legs or something so that you can't see her diaper in pictures.

Claire + Keyboard = Frustration

It is a bad idea to think that you can both watch Claire AND type an email. No way.