Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why a Blog?

Claire at 2 weeks

Well, I never really thought that I would start a blog, but once you have a child all people want are pictures from you of your new offspring. A few weeks ago I showed Mike my cell phone and all of the incoming texts said "Picture Please" or something to that effect. They were all texts from various family members wanting their daily picture of Claire. So, here it is. This blog will be the source of Claire pictures for all who want to see.

Claire at 2 months


jms said...

Ohhhh.......OHHHHH......! You should have heard all the oohs and ahhs coming from me when I found your blog with pictures of Claire. Thank you Thank you Thank you, honey! I am in grandma heaven right now. She is so cute, I can't stand it! Send her home with Charley this weekend, OK?

Mike Blakesley said...

For all those who wish to know, I have a matching kilt that I wear whenever Claire wears her bright skirt. I carry a boombox and we play bagpipe music.