Saturday, October 18, 2008


We finally caught one of Claire's smiles on film! I am so happy that she is finally smiling. Now, I'm sure that every mother gets excited when their baby starts smiling, but I was especially excited. I will explain why my joy was greater than most. It all started a few weeks ago when Claire had not yet started smiling. It seemed as though everyone was asking me if she had begun to smile, and my answer remained a disappointed "No". So then one night when Mike came home I asked, "Why do you think that Claire hasn't started to smile yet?". In a very matter-of-fact tone his response was "Well, maybe she isn't happy." I think that my mouth dropped at the same moment Mike realized that he needed to stick that answer in his file of things to never say to your wife. So, as you can imagine, after I received that response to my question I was elated when Claire finally started to smile!

This is Mike's attempt to make Claire Smile... I don't think she enjoyed it much.


Mike Blakesley said...

Another entry in my file:

-"She is looking really fat." Referring to a pregnant woman

Kate said...

Mike, mike, mike. You guys crack me up. think think think!!! If Claire isn't happy, its only because she misses her east coast family and wants to webcam more...