Sunday, October 26, 2008


This weekend was Mike's Birthday. We had lots of fun! We had uncle Judd come to visit. He and Mike drywalled Claire's room. They worked really hard all day. Meanwhile I attempted to make Eclairs for Mike's birthday treat (and failed miserably a few times). We ended up with 9 edible eclairs after all day in the kitchen. (Notice I am not posting a picture of the Eclairs, they were not impressive, to say the least).

Judd came for the weekend, so, being that Grandma Jane and Papa Jimbo are in NY with Amber, we had the pleasure of Abby and Tanzy coming to stay as well. As you can see below, Tanzy really likes Claire. She took lots of naps with her, however, she may like her a bit too much! Claire was sitting in her bouncy chair on the floor, when she spit up. Now this is no rare occasion, so I turned to get a burp cloth to wipe off her face when I see Tanzy run across the room and in one swoop lick all the spitup off Claire's face! ( I only wish I had a picture or video or something)


Mike Blakesley said...

For the record, Sam's eclairs are the best ones that I have ever had. She filled them tons and tons with sweet and fluffy filling.

I estimate that we can save at least 34 minutes a day of wiping off Claire's face if we keep Tanzy around. Time to get a dog, Sam?

mpr said...

Sammy, is that the pink tie Dad gave Mike?

Sammy said...

Mike, No dogs yet, I will wipe Claire's face.

Mom, Yep, that is the tie and Mike wears it proudly!