Monday, November 8, 2010


Lots has happened the last little while, but most importantly, this little guy turned 1!!! We feel so lucky to have him in our family. He is such a sweetheart. He started walking at 10 months and since then we haven't been able to stop him.

He still has no hair, so hats are a must this winter. He is the cutest little lumberjack!

Noble had a great birthday. We were able to celebrate with lots of Aunts a couple uncles and three grandparents!
Here he is checking out the cowbell from Uncle Juddy. ( I have yet to find this again. Someone made it disappear)

Noble wasn't a huge fan of the cupcake, but did love the football shaped Oreo on top. Taking after his dad I guess.
Here are a few of the things Noble loves lately:
He is into everything. He can unlatch and open the dishwasher to get inside!
He loves to climb.
He LOVES to pull hair. He has taken to tackling Claire to get to her hair.
Noble loves to do anything Claire is doing. He even learned to color with the sidewalk chalk instead of eating it.

Claire is just as fun and full of life as ever.
I walked in on this the other day. She had gotten a mini baby powder open and was just shaking it everywhere.

Claire loves to organize things now. She is very good at Cleaning up her room and making her bed now.
CJ loves and I mean LOVES to pick out her own clothes. Below is a typical selection. She is adventurous, I will give her that!
Here she is modeling her new shades from Uncle Juddy. They came straight from Hawaii, Thanks Juddy!
Claire loves being with her D-Dad as she calls him. I think the feeling is mutual.
Claire loves being with her brother, most of the time. They have started playing together a lot more. I love seeing them together. Sometimes he will just walk up to her to give her a big hug.
She does, however, throw in just enough older sister bullying, as can be seen above.

Claire loves to make "Hank-you Cards" (Thank you cards) with her finger painting. This past Sunday we let them both do it. Noble loved it but got paint EVERYWHERE!!!

We had some visiters in October. My Uncle Monte and his family came to visit for a week. It was lots of fun having them here. Claire was sad for days, asking to go see Kenz and Monte.
Kenzie and Claire had lots of fun together.
Claire loved Monte. The whole time he was here she got his name confused with President Monson. By the time he left she knew he was Monte, and now she thinks that President Monson's name is Monte. She is one confused little girl.

Mike had is birthday a few weeks ago. Claire was in the middle of a nap when we sang to Mike, so when she was up he blew out another donut. She did the candles, if you can't tell.

(Don't you love Noble's vintage overall outfit from Aunt Ali? He is so cute in it!!!)
Claire has been talking a lot about the Temple lately, so one Saturday afternoon a little while back we took the kids to the Mt. Timp. temple. They loved being there.
We have been spending lots of time out at the Ranch. Here is Noble with one of his favorite people!


Christina Olson said...

What?!? Your little guys is already one!! I laughed out loud at the picture of Claire shooting Noble with the water, too funny!! I miss you guys!!

Jake, Jenn and Sophie said...

I love these pictures. The kids are so cute. I'm glad you guys are doing well. We will see you at Christmas time!