Sunday, September 19, 2010

This Summer

I can't believe summer is over! Here is a quick recap of some of the stuff we have done this summer. (ie I finally loaded pictures, or rather Mike did).

Claire has learned to love stickers!
We flew to Southern California to meet up with my family.
Here is Noble in the Airport, excited for his first flight.
Claire could barely contain herself in the Airport waiting to get on the Airplane.
Noble loved playing in the Sand and Peek-a-boo with the towels.
Claire loved the water and the surf boards
Noble has officially learned to open the fridge, oven and dishwasher. He is loving life!
Noble loves table food. He now refuses baby food most of the time.
Claire is potty trained! Wahoo! Only one kid in diapers. One day I heard Claire start screaming. This is what I walked in on.
Claire had a birthday!
With Puppy Cupcakes.
And Fingerpainting
And Balloons
We've had a good summer with two generally happy kids!


joanne said...

Ohhhh....great pictures of you all, especially Claire and Noble! We miss them SO MUCH!!! We are proud Grandparents. They bring so much joy into our lives!!! Thanks for posting these!

Jake, Jenn and Sophie said...

What fun pictures! Claire and Noble are so cute. Glad you guys are doing well. We will all have to play in December.