Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy Summer!!!

Cute Noble

This summer is almost over and I feel like it should just be starting. Claire is now 2 and Noble is 9 months. I don't know where the time has gone. My family was just in town and we took some much needed family pictures. Here are just a few. I haven't gotten edited ones from my dad yet, but these were just cute and I thought I would share. I have lots of pictures from this summer, but as per usual I haven't loaded them on my computer yet.

I thought this was just perfect of Claire's Personality
Me and Claire
Mike and Noble

All the boys

All the Girls
Papa Frankie with his mini-me
The proud Grandparents


Kate said...

Call me crazy, but I almost started to cry seeing these. I miss you guys. Pics are Adorable. So much personality. And sam, your hair is very sassy. And cute. Love it.

Call Commotion said...

I love those!! :) How are you guys doing?? I don't even know what is happening these days?

Sammy said...

Katie - We miss you guys too. It was good seeing Jayme, but we wish you guys could have been here too. Claire talks about Norah and Lucas all the time.

Tennille - We are doing good. We moved down to Murray, so it is nice to be closer to all our family down here. I'm still home with the kids, loving being with them all day. How is Florida. I'm sad I never got to see you before you guys left!