Monday, June 21, 2010

Recent happenings

Claire, as you can see from this shot of her bed, LOVES pillows. She steals all the pillows from our bed to put on her bed. No wonder she needed a twin bed.

Two of Claire's new loves are:
1. Her puppy suit that we purchased in St. George at the DI. Best find of the year so far!

2. Her Pimp robe from Aunt Ali. Claire likes to put this particular piece of clothing on when she watches TV.

Claire and Noble's new love (and probably only mutual love) is to take baths together. They stay in there as long as I will let them.

Noble is officially on solid food. I think food is his first love. He dive-bombs for any tiny piece of food. Cheerios are one of his very favorites. (He is growing up so fast! I can't believe how big he is!) *Note the cheerio in his mouth that he doesn't realize is there the whole time

As can be seen multiple times on the blog, Claire loves to dress herself and does it with STYLE! Here she is in all her glory the other day. This is all she wanted to wear.
Here is just a bonus of Claire dancing in her getup.

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jessy.maus said...

Sammy, they are changing to fast! I miss you guys! We need to get together soon!