Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our little Chef, our little smiley man and other random but cute happenings

Claire has recently started LOVING to help cook. As can be seen below, she is quite fond of her apron and licking the spoon.

Note: The 2 pictures above are separate occasions

Noble's latest development is that he is CONSTANTLY smiling. The cutest is that he looks at Claire like is he totally in love and gives her the best smiles.

I know he isn't smiling, but I liked this pic of our little Buddy. It is a very Shields look in my opinion

Claire has also started being nice to Noble, which is a change from previous behavior. We are all happy about that around here.

This is the first time she ever wanted to hold him for more than 5 seconds. Don't worry, she only choked him a little.
She loves to give him kisses.

Claire has also started copying everything I do with Noble. I had him in the front pack so she stuffed her doll down her shirt to create the same results.

Last but not least, over Christmas we were doing the Wii Fit. After we came home Claire kept getting our Frisbee out and standing on it. Finally I realized she was copying the Wii board.


Christina Olson said...

Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter!! Noble looks so much bigger every time I see him!

Kate said...

These are great!!! Claire makes me laugh. I miss her.

Mike Blakesley said...

Maybe we could make a living teaching people how to fool their children into thinking that a frisbee is actually a Wii.