Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our January happenings

Noble, I decided is one of the happiest babies ever! He is always smiling and cooing! I just can't picture life without our little guy. (Look at his chubby belly, I love it!)

Claire as always is doing new things everyday. She still loves to cook, especially making her "Ba-bo" which in her mind translates to Popcorn. She loves the air popper. We make popcorn EVERY day. (I liked this picture because of the way her hair looked after her nap)

Playing with cousins (Lexi). She and Lexi gave each other hugs and kisses, it was really cute!

Use Daddy's gloves to mimic oven mitts.

Wear her new Batman shirt from Aunt Ali and her shoes from Uncle Juddy!

And last but DEFINITELY not least.... Claire went poop on the potty!!!! She was showing us that she was "so big" after going on the potty. Now she is obsessed with everything and everyone going poo poo. We now have to change all of her dolls and stuffed animals because they went poo poo.

Claire loves to help buddy do lots of things...

Tummy Time, where she joins in. It was cute the other day I saw her on the floor with Noble calling "No-me" which translates to "Noby"(a nickname of Noble), encouraging him to look up at her during Tummy Time.
Sit on the Couch. He is enjoying it much more now that she has learned to not choke him in the process.
Bounce in his chair. We are still working on bouncing SOFTLY!

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Kate said...

These pics are classic! 2nd to last is my gave. Miss you