Friday, November 18, 2011


I have been quilting a lot lately, or so it seems. Today I took the kids outside and we snapped a few pictures. They are not good, but give you an idea. I wanted to remember what they looked like before they get used and used and used.

Claire's quilt 
 This is from all vintage floral sheets thanks to Aunt Ali. Claire loves this quilt and it is so soft!

Noble's Superhero quilt.
His was inspired by Claire's. I started collecting superhero sheets, but I had no idea how long it would take to find them. I gave up and ordered/ bought some fabric to add to the sheets.

(I have to say, Noble's quilt is one of my favorites, even though it is so busy. I kind of like that about it. And it doesn't hurt that he absolutely loves it!!!)

Kona Solids Challenge Quilt
I have been going to the Modern Quilt Guild. We had a challenge and this is the quilt I came up with. It turned out much better than I had imagined. I love it!
Here is the back 
(I just used all the scraps. Claire is convinced this is the front because "Mommy, it is WAY prettier!")
You can see the quilting really well in this one too. 

In the Guild we did another challenge project. It was the Jay McCarroll Habitat Line of fabric. 
I was not too fond of it. So I decided to try out a quilt design I had been working on. 
I guess people liked it. I got 1st place.

I have been on a geometric kick lately with my quilts. This is another pattern Amber and I have been working on.
(It is for a special friend, who gets it tomorrow morning!)
 This is a close-up of the front

Here is the back. I tried a much larger scale to test it out.

Yet another of our patterns. This is one of my favorite. It is a fun one. Mike's cousin recently adopted a sweet baby boy and so this was for him. 

 These were all just this year. I have a couple more, but forgot about them until we were done taking pictures. Oh well, I guess another day!


Jenna Anderson said...

Sam!! These are all amazing. I love, LOVE, LOVE quilts. Every time I see one, I want to buy it, but they are so expensive! What a wonderful talent you have! I don't know how to sew or quilt AT ALL. Your work is incredible!

Sammy said...

Jenna, if you ever want to learn just let me know. It isn't as hard to pick up as you would think.

Jenna Anderson said...

Someday I would love to!...I would have to re-learn the basics of sewing first. I don't have a sewing machine, but someday! I loved learning to sew in Home Ec class but that was in 8th grade. Ha ha, needless to say, I have a lot to learn!

mel or kel said...

You are amazing!!! We love Luca's quilt- it is my favorite too.