Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Animal Day

This weekend we went to the Baby Animal Day at the American West Heritage Center here in Logan. It was a lot of fun. Grandma Jane came up for the day as well as Mike's Aunt Cathie, Uncle Scott, cousins Lindsay, Joe, Melissa, Keller and their kids. It was a blast and the kids all loved the animals. Here are some pictures from our day.
The kids were really excited to get going when we got there. They immediately took off toward the animals! Claire was going full speed until the horses pulling the wagon up ahead neighed and then she stopped dead in her tracks. It was hilarious!
Playing with Harper and the goats.

With Grandma Jane and the ducklings.
Claire's first pony ride!
Petting the piglet.
Claire peeking through the fence at the calf with Harper.
Petting the lamb with Daddy.
Claire chasing the pig with Izaiah.
Claire watching the peacock.

One of Claire's favorite things was the "Choo-choo". We rode on it a few times.Even Noble had a great day! He hung out on the train and in his stroller. Still as happy as can be!

We had a fantastic day!

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