Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2 Kids = No time to Blog

We welcomed our newest little Blakesley into our family on November 3, 2009. He was 7 lb 5 oz and 20 in. We named him Noble Lee Blakesley. He is such a sweet little boy. Perfect in every way. Claire has been fairly welcoming to our new addition, well until this week that is. Now the jealousy has set in, so wish us luck. Here are a few pictures from the past month or so. It has been an adventure, but fun to say the least.

While Mike and I were occupied, Claire decided to start a load of wash. (Note the 2 jars of peanut butter that Mike and I heard tumbling in the washing machine)

Claire loves the computer and "helping" while I do the bills.

Logan has gotten really cold lately. Claire loves when we put on "Buddy's" Coat.
Claire has a new affinity for boots. She insists on wearing these boots at all times, including over her PJs to bed.
She had lots of fun with Grandma Jo here for 2 weeks. Claire got to dress up lots!

Lastly, this is pretty much what a day at our house does to you.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on little Noble! You have such cute kids and are such a cute mom!

Jake, Jenn and Sophie said...

Your kids are so cute! I love the name Noble. What a sweetie. I hope you guys are doing great and we need to hang out before we move. Talk to you soon!

4655 said...

What does clean peanut butter taste like?