Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Claire's Summer Adventures

Claire learned many, and may I stress MANY things this summer.
She started the summer with Aunt Allison teaching her about swimming pools during our last minute trip to California in June.

She learned that Papa Jimbo has lots of fun flowers in his garden.

Feeding the dogs turned into a daily activity. (The result of which is that Claire now loves to "feed the floor" at home)

Eating "Real People Food" is WAY better than baby food, especially when it is Spaghetti.
She even mastered the art of noodle sucking.

Sunglasses are make me look cool!

You can climb into the drawers/baskets where the toys are kept. Why play outside the drawer when you can sit WITH the toys? (Thanks Judd)

Climbing ladders open up a whole new world, even in your own house.

When you yell into a cup, it sounds really cool. (Notice my teeth that finally came in)

Daddy's tools are awesome.

It is fun when Grandma Jo and Grandpa Frank come to visit.

They bring fun toys that play music and have a monkey inside!

When you get big enough Daddy lets you ride on his shoulders. The best is when he lets you use his ears as handles/a steering wheel.
Cameras are really cool close up.
Playing in the dirt is awesome. It is fun and it insures that mom will give me an extra bath, a win-win!
When you get older your hair gets long and crazy!

We had a pretty great summer. Claire has been learning tons this summer and we have been loving it. We can't believe we have a 1 year old now!


Christina Olson said...

I guess all my harrassment of not updating your blog paid off!! jk Cute pics of your babe!! She is such a doll :)

Kimberly Hermansen said...

I know I just took a trip with you guys like a month ago, but already she looks so much older!! She is SO CUTE, I absolutely love her!!

Kate said...

Love it! We miss you guys.

4655 said...

she's good at climbing into things, she's the best.